About Us

Thank you very much for visiting the website and taking the time to discover what Twelve of Six Fine Photography is all about. We’re excited that you found us and we hope you will take a look at our portfolios. We also invite you to view some of our recent work on our blog.  
The blog is a great place to showcase the diversity of our commissioned work; it’s also a place we hope you will observe a consistent quality in our images at different types of shoots or events and in all types of lighting conditions.  
Our studio has operated continuously since 2006. Through the years and we have gained a considerable amount of experience shooting hundreds of weddings, portrait sessions, musical events, sporting events, corporate sessions and commercial shoots. This experience underscores our appreciation and understanding of what our clients need and expect. 
Each client is unique and has their own special needs and differing expectations. Perhaps that sounds trivial or obvious, but providing our clients with an amazing customer service experience and creating images that far surpass their expectations is critical to our continued success and it’s what makes us different. 
Our motto is “Uncompromising Photojournalism.” It’s more of a mission statement. Capturing poignant expressions, belly laughs, a solitary tear streaking down a beautiful woman’s face, the pride in a parent’s eyes, guilty smiles as a best friend recounts embarrassing incidents during a toast, a soft and gentle kiss between newlyweds during their first dance; these are the moments that define us and the most important parts of our lives. 
Creating beautiful, artistically rendered, well-composed images from the incredible moments of your day is the manifestation of our motto. Providing you with priceless art in which you are the subject is the value we add; we tell your story in our images. 
The majority of our clients have never commissioned a professional photographer. It’s unchartered territory, and to complicate matters, it seems like anyone with a camera is a professional photographer these days. The advent of digital photography has opened the field to an ever-expanding pool of amateur photographers; caveat emptor. 
It can be a daunting task to choose your photographer. Finding a photographer whose artistic execution impresses you at a price that doesn’t bust your budget can create a real dilemma. Additionally, we know that you have options, but we would love to be your photographers and we think at the end of the process you will consider us the best vendor choice you’ll make. 
Twelve of Six is a pair of energetic, artistically gifted and technically competent professionals. We are confident that we will earn your confidence before your big day and at the end of the process we will add you to our long list of satisfied clients we now refer to as our friends.