The focus is weddings for this narrative; other types of photography sessions are detailed in our brochure. Our pricing structure is simple and uncomplicated. Our wedding packages start at at $3,500. The package includes a seasoned professional wedding photographer, an experienced second shooter and a photographer's assistant. 
We don’t charge an hourly rate unless our clients absolutely insist that's the way they prefer to structure their contract, routinely, when you book with our studio you book the entire day; we'll be there early to capture the preparations of the bride and the groom and we'll stay until the two of you leave for your honeymoon to capture the afterglow of the reception. 
We guarantee the delivery of your images within 60 days from the date of your wedding. We select 800 of the very best images from your wedding and edit each one. We create a complete collection that tells your story chronologically from beginning to end. If you book us hourly, then we guarantee 100 high quality images per hour.  
Again, each image is exposure corrected, color corrected, sharpened, cropped and straightened; we NEVER present unedited images right out of the camera to our clients. Your uncle Bob or aunt Gladis can do that and that is NOT what we do. You don't hire us to provide you with that level of quality. 
Unless you request privacy, we will post selected images from your wedding or event on our blog so you can see your images online within a week or two after your session or event. As mentioned above, within 60 days of your event, your images are delivered to a private ShareFile folder so you can share them on the Internet. On the same day, we will upload your images to your private online proofing gallery on RedCart; you can share this gallery with family and friends – this is where anyone can order prints and a huge variety of other products from the studio. Please let us know immediately if you have any issues so we can help. 
Within 90 days of your event, the high resolution versions of your wedding images will be delivered on a USB thumb drive with a usage rights agreement in PDF form authorizing you to print your images. We encourage you to print your images through the studio because no one will deliver higher quality for your images, but if you choose to print them elsewhere we accept and respect your decision. 
So what's all this going to cost you? Our standard wedding package includes a $100 studio credit you can use to purchase any product we sell. We give our clients the flexibility to choose the size and quantity of the prints they want. We also include a $500 album credit, that our brides can use on towards the purchase of any bride album we sell and we have a ton of album type options, album sizes, album cover options, album page number options and album price points. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics, if you decide you want to purchase an album, and we think that is a wise decision, the first $500 dollars of your album cost is on us. Our album pricing is simple and uncomplicated as well; complete information is in our brochure and available anytime on our online proofing site. 
If you decide to include additional products and services and create a custom package, and we encourage you to personalize your package, excellent!!! We believe tailoring your wedding package, to match your vision of your wedding day is the correct approach. Let us assist you, we’ll conduct a free consultation and discuss all your options, there are a lot of options, and together we’ll create a spectacular and uniquely personal wedding package. 
We want to send you a brochure describing our approach to creating beautiful, artistic images you will cherish for a lifetime. Click the button below, provide us with basic information, and we will email you a brochure of our price list of products and services in an attached PDF. We will safeguard your information. You will never receive unwanted correspondence or phone calls from our studio. If you would prefer that your images remain confidential, we will not post any images on our blog and we will add a clause to your contract giving you our written assurance. 
If you are not looking for wedding products and services, not a problem; we are a full service studio. In fact, we'll give you an incentive to add products to your package at creation time; how does 20% off sound? We think that's a fair way to treat our customers and they seem to like it. 
So, the best time to add a framed print, or a print package or an album or, well, anything, is when you're working with us to design your perfect package. You'll love the way we only require 25% down at the time of booking and you don't make another payment until two months before your wedding date. Sound interesting? You bet it does, let's talk, there is a bunch more we would love to tell you. 
So here is the really important take away. Whether you are recently engaged, celebrating a significant anniversary, need a corporate headshot, want to create some special images of your family, interested in portraiture, interested in fine art photography, graduating from high school or you have a special event or a sporting event you would like us to document we provide high quality images that will exceed your expectations. It's really that simple, we are great photographers that love to shoot. There is no assignment too big or too small; we have never met any assignment that we weren't interested in - call us and we''ll prove it to you.

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